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Dr. Leonardo Spadoni’s Ravenna Fernet

Leonardo Spadoni Fernet
Ravenna, Emilia-Romanga
1500ml, 51% ABV, 2000’s

Amaro production, and especially fernet, has been in constant consolidation since the 1980’s. Lack of domestic consumption compiled with smaller producers lacking the infrastructure and capital to compete with larger houses in fo
spadonireign markets has forced many closures. However, the multi-generational company of Molino Spadoni S.P.A. began to manufacture its fernet in the 1990’s after the current CEO, Dr. Leonardo Spadoni, took over from his father.

The company began in 1923 and remains one of the leaders in Italy’s milling and grain processing industry focusing mainly on farina, polenta and various other flours. While somewhat unorthodox in the U.S. its quite common for agricultural focused companies to embrace amaro production as well (Bonomelli is another fine example, the majority of their production is olive oil but is supplemented by some 3 different styles of amaro).

Dr. Leonardo Spadoni

Dr. Leonardo Spadoni

In contrast to the growing trend of light bodied fernet Dr. Spadoni’s formal education in chemistry, compounded with his passion for traditional Italian beverages, drove him to create a product with a deep homage to the intense styles of deeply spiced, oxidized and bitter fernet.

The label proudly boasts its style with the Italian phrases: “Forte di Erbe” and “Pieno Grado” and at 51% ABV, with two periods of co-maceration seperated only by a single rectification these phrases are an understatement.
In addition to Tempus Fugit’s Swiss “monastic style” Fernet del frate Angelico, Spadoni has pushed the benchmark for traditional fernet. Loaded with black aloe, saffron, myrrh, Chinese rhubarb, galangal, myrtle, Seville orange and 13 other botanicals loaded with volatile oils and alkaloids this is a very unique product. Rarely seen out of Italy we are making steps to have this be yet another staple in Sole Agent’s portfolio.