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Amaro Ferrol of Brescia 1970’s

Ferrol Amaro, Ferrol of Brescia (Lombardy)
30% ABV, 1970’s in 1000ml

Driven by Felice Bisleri’s 1894 success with Ferro-China, Mazzoleni De’Stefani began his own production in 1910 under the name “Ferrol Mazzoleni”. Adding an L to Ferro Etichette Bresciahe created his own style, and brand, of a medium amaro with the inclusion of iron salts at a higher ABV of 30%.

Loaded with chincona bark and red fruit the brand met with great success averaging over 100,000 liters in domestic sales in its early years. By 1921 Mazzoleni expanded his production at a new facility and under the guidence of his attorney Antonio Verzura he recieves UTIF license no. 1 in Brescia and shortens the brand to simply Ferrol. Til its closure in 1983 Ferrol produced syrups, bitters, brandy, sour cherries and vermouth American, touted by the eagle clawing a shield with stars and stripes.

This was a fantastic product and is often labeled as a carbon copy of Bisleri’s production. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, Mazzoleni had expounded upon exisiting techniques to make a far richer style.