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Cadenhead’s Heaven Hill 19 Year Old Kentucky Bourbon

2976680457_c2fd983023_mConsidered the first (founded in 1842) and one of the finest indepedent bottlers in Scotland Cadenhead’s is widely known for their bottles of scotch whisky and rum. Their American whiskey releases, namely from Heaven Hill, are much more limited and very rarely make it back to the United States.

The bottle below was barreled in 1997 and aged in Scotland with in the city limits of Campbeltown in southwestern Scotland. The majority of these selections are sold directly from their retail outlets. This bottle is a wonderful example of long term aging in a climate with protective humidity and annual tempatures that don’t reach the seasonal extremes present in Kentucky

Cadenhead’s World Whiskies
Heaven Hill “Individual Cask” 19 Years Old
Bottled 2/2016
700ml, 57.7% ABV
1 of 150